Friday, May 31, 2013

Bunting Flags: For the sewing impaired.

Another wedding request I received from my lovely little bride: Bunting Flags! Let me just warn you right now that I do not know my way around a sewing machine (sorry, Martha!). My mother tried showing me the ropes maybe 15+ years ago, but I just don't have a passion for it. In fact, if you love everything about sewing, you may just want to avert your eyes from this hackwork. But, she requested fabric instead of paper, so I must deliver!

I decided to do a smaller flag size to get the most out of the fabric. My flag template is 4.5x5x5 and I used 3 yards of each fabric. Before you start the first step, you will need to iron the double fold bias tape, the fabric, and cut double sided strips (seen above).

Using a pencil, trace the outside of the template. I was able to get roughly 14 double sided flags from one strip of fabric. Cut enough for desired length of bunting.

This hem tape runs in a variety of sizes, so I would recommend a larger width so that you can cut them in half because the smallest width tape and the largest width ran for the same price. Now, cut the tape to fit the longer sides of the flag, close the flag and run an iron over the fabric for 3 seconds. Boom. Done.

Once all flags have been glued, start stitching your flags between the bias tape. I advise that this be done while catching up on some Netflix.

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